What People Are Saying

Scott Campbell, author, of the novels Touched (1996) and Aftermath (2003) says:

By turns funny, sad and horrifying, The Animals is a story of love and yearning, determination and heartbreak and hard, hard-won self-knowledge. Beautiful writing and keen insight served with a generous helping of humor. The Animals is a rewarding read.

Sarah Shun-lien Bynum, author of the novels Madeleine is Sleeping (2005) and Ms. Hempel Chronicles (2009), says:

Carol Flynn has written a wonderfully wry and clear-eyed account of one family’s enduring and sometimes disastrous love affair with their domesticated animals. Rueful, frank, and very funny, she offers hard-won wisdom into the many ways that animals suffer the affections and vain hopes of the humans who care for them.

Jonathan Wilson, author of the novel A Palestine Affair (2003), the story collection An ambulance is on the Way: Stories of Men in Trouble (2006), and other works, says:

This is a book with a big heart, Carol Flynn delightfully charts the extraordinary procession of animals; dogs, cats, pigs, goats and a host of others, that pass through her family’s life. She honors each one with character and love. Along the way she tells a life story, full of bumps and bruises and surprises.  The Animals will stand alongside Gerald Durrell’s My Family and Other Animals as a classic report of the charged and always illuminating relationship between our creaturely selves and the creatures that surround us.  It is a lovely book.

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